I.    Article - It's Easy to Exhibit
 II.   Show Follow up Suggestions for Exhibitors 
III.   Sample Choreography for Fashion Shows

It's Easy to Exhibit!
How to do it. - What to do.   
by Maria Lanides

Don't be afraid at the thought of participating as an exhibitor in a Bridal Expo.    When you exhibit in a Bridal Expo/Show…certain opportunities open up.   Two of the main reasons businesses participate in bridal expos/shows are:   1.    The opportunity to talk with the bride, her bridesmaids/friends, her Mother-in-law, Mother, her groom and groomsmen...   You've got 7 targets.......the bride.....bridesmaids….friends.....Mother-in-law ........  Mother of the bride, groom and groomsmen.   These are 7 great targets that will help to increase your sales.   2.  The opportunity to get individuals to sign up and work with your company.  

 Brides attend Bridal Shows so that they can meet Bridal Experts to help them with their wedding plans.   Brides also save time by visiting with many Bridal Experts at one location.    Brides are very easily influenced and when they visit a business exhibiting at a show........these brides have the opportunity to become familiar with that business.   Brides attend more than one show.   When these brides see the exhibiting business again............it's like visiting a friend or someone you are just getting to know.    Brides are impressed when they meet a business at the expo and they don't realize it is a new business.     

The bride has the opportunity to talk with the Bridal Experts in her area  within the wedding industry.    When the business rep is knowledgeable in their field.........the bride-to-be is impressed and ready to do business with that rep!    In the wedding industry, every year,    we target a new "crop" of brides-to-be.    In order to reach these brides as well as their Moms, their bridesmaids and their friends, etc. businesses  exhibit in bridal shows.    Think of it in this manner:   If you aren't an exhibitor at a bridal show..........the bride-to-be will give her business to your competitor.   - So - the decision is yours to make.

 Exhibiting at a Bridal Expo/Show also opens up many opportunities for Home Business Reps.    These reps target attendees to host parties to earn free gifts for the bride as well as for themselves.   The exhibiting home business reps try to target the bridesmaids to have a party inviting the bride’s  friends from work.   They also  try to get the Mom to have a party for her friends - so that her daughter (and herself ) can earn free items.    Last but surely not least, the Groom’s Mom is also targeted to host a party for her friends –  so that she can earn free gifts for herself and for her future daughter in law.   These are always fun parties where all the party giver does is invite the guests and the business rep does the rest!   It is an excellent idea for Home Businesses Reps to encourage other reps in their group to join in together and share cost of exhibiting in Bridal Shows. 

 Exhibitor Cost - Justification:  Most of the time,  a  banquet facility,  photographer or DJ, etc.,  can make up exhibitor cost with one sale. 

With home businesses......Often representatives must make many sales to justify cost.    Many home rep businesses go in to bridal shows.    I obtained the following information from one cosmetic group that divided their $450 Exhibitor Cost between 4 reps.   After all was said and done -    one rep's follow up calls produced  7 booked parties.  She told me between 12 and 17 attended each party.    From just 4 of the parties.....the rep  made  40 + sales.    I asked her if her profit per customer was at least $10.....and she responded..."Oh, yes - at least $10 but most of the time more!"     So with profit of at least $10 per customer  -  that home rep realized a  profit of at least $400 from 40 customers (4 parties).   Best of all.....this rep wasn't half way through her share of the show list!   Since this reps share of Exhibitor cost was $112.50.....$400 minus $112.50 meant her minimum net profit from the 4 parties was $287.50 or minimum $71 per party with $10 profit per customer.   The group still Exhibits in many of our shows when they are able. 

Don't complicate the process of Exhibiting:  Shown below are ideas drawn from  my 15 years of experience as a Bridal Expo/Show Manager, to help un-complicate the process of getting ready to exhibit in a Bridal Show!

Over the years, many individuals just starting a new businesses - have obtained all their business and tax papers, telephone number and flyers all done within a week just to go in to a show!   Everyone moves at different speeds.  

Sometimes individuals look at getting ready for a show and the thought of doing the show.....  overwhelms them.   If this happens to you....don't be alarmed.... because mature businesses are often overwhelmed at the thought of exhibiting at a Bridal Show.

Businesses must first decide if they want to make a profit.   Profit comes from sales - so you need to decide if your business needs more sales or not!    That is really the question you must ask yourself.  If you want or need to increase sales......it is vital that you do all possible - to create your own economic environment.   Exhibiting in a Bridal Show is a good way to increase sales.

Think of exhibiting in an uncomplicated and easy manner.   Yes, exhibitors must do a bit of  preparation in advance........but preparing is not complicated - unless one makes it complicated.   You can be ready in less than a week's time - if you take getting ready - one step at a time.

Do not get discouraged - you can do it!   You have to put some extra  effort in to successfully sell your product!   Keep reminding yourself.......    I need to be ready .....so that I can bring in sales!   If I'm not visible  at the bridal show.......sales will go to my competitor!      Without sales - I get no profit! 

Expo Flyer:  When a business decides to Exhibit in a Bridal Show, the 1st thing they do is create a hand-out....which could be a flyer to advertise their business.  Most businesses need a simple flyer stating what they are selling.   Flyer can be prepared on your computer.........Keep the flyer basic!    A flyer should summarize what you offer!  Of course, you can make the flyer more extensive and include whatever information you want.   Many businesses include some sort of order form on their flyer.

My process for creating a flyer is:   I generally self-brain storm over a few days time.   This thought process takes time and I like to do that thought process before I sit at the computer.   Once I'm at the computer - I can print out a flyer in a few minutes or sometimes it  might take me an hour.   It might take  1-1/2 hours to take  original flyer to someplace like Kinkos to make  copies.   Many exhibitors elect to go with half sheet flyers to keep printing expense down.  You can go with a one color flyer or opt to use a fun assortment of multi colored pastel flyers.   

Reps at Table:     It's important to have enough reps on show day.   Business must always put best foot forward!

Give some training to those that will be helping at your table area.   If your helpers are new - do some role playing to help them get ready to sound knowledgeable on your product or service.   Instruct helpers that  if they get a bride-to-be who is really interested ........have them send the bride-to-be quickly over to you - so you can try and close the sale!     If you don't sell the bride at the show.......your  efforts are directed through calls/emails/post cards after the show..........(most sales from bridal shows are closed after the show).  

Reps can stand behind table but more importantly they should also be stationed in front of your table -so that   flyers can be easily given out and also to draw attendees to your exhibit.    Exhibitors have told me they have "borrowed" neighborhood children to help pass out flyers!  Most exhibitors call in their IOU's from individuals they have helped to come on show day to help man their area. 

Remember -  When you sell your service/product to one bride -   this means you gain 25 possible leads just from that one sale!

Example of what one Exhibitor stated to a bride:  during a recent bridal show.     -The Exhibitor, of the corner of his eye,  saw a bride fill out a prize form and start to walk away.  The Exhibitor went quickly to her and stated "and where do you think you are going?"  Naturally she was stunned with his question.........and then the Exhibitor proceeded to say - "sorry but I'm alone in my booth today and I'd like to talk with you ......if you can wait just a few minutes till I'm finished with another bride".  The bride waited and after talking with her.....this Exhibitor was  pretty confident that when he contacts her again she will book his services!   

Bridal Expo/Show Treats and Hand-outs:    Of course, your business flyer and business cards are your hand-outs.  Many, many exhibitors also give out  treats at Bridal Shows.   Caterers and banquet facilities often will give out tasty samples.   Bakers give out bite size cake samples.  Possibly an exhibitor might give out a magnet (with their name on it) or they might give out a fresh flower or a beautiful silk flower.    Brides and other attendees love to go from table to table for tasty treats.  Many exhibitors give out  cookies,  and or wrapped candies such as a  candy kisses, etc..  Try to be creative so that  the brides-to-be will feel they have to stop at your table.  

Table Design:   Where there is a large budget.....check out ready made displays that are designed specifically for your product or service.

Otherwise, be creative with your display.   Consider stacking a few boxes either in the middle of table or on both ends of your  table  to add dimension to your exhibit.   Place  table covering over the boxes and either place product/samples on or next to the different levels which helps to make a more interesting and  attractive exhibit.   You might want to consider using a TV monitor with a tape showing your product/service.    Possibly - you might want to put some information on a poster board and place the poster board on an easel.  You may want to use a few easels - one on each side- of your table.   You might want to give out a plastic bag - so brides can put their info in to your bag.  Balloons always add fun to your display.  Including artificial or fresh flowers  on your table always brightens up your exhibit.  You might want to include sample of product/service and/or  photos of product/service.   It is important to keep your display uncluttered.

 On show day.... Before you set up items on your table(s), double check table legs  to make sure legs are locked in place.   There have been times a whole display has gone down to the floor - so it's a good idea to double check whoever did the set up.  Also stand  in front and to the side of your exhibit - so that you can see from all angles - what attendees see as they approach your exhibit.    If you see storage boxes sticking out from under your table, push them way under your skirting or table covering.    Coats and sweaters belong under the table and not draped over a chair.  If you have coffee or a snack at your table - be neat!  Keep snacks and drinks away from the table top......things spill and crumbs are messy.

Whenever possible, try to have an active exhibit.   It's definitely a good idea to do "a dry run" and set up your table display/exhibit in advance so that you'll know how it will look on show day. 

Set up your booth at home.   Step back and decide whether or not your display table is too cluttered!   Table coverings are neater when they reach the floor. 

It's important to plan on something active  at your booth to draw the attendees to your booth.

 Show day is your day to convince attendees that "they need and want to buy from you".    You most likely won't   make  the sale on show day - but you do set the stage for you service/product.    If you've gone that extra step to get to know the bride during the show, you will most likely make the sale when you call/email/mail them after the show.!   Young customers can be easily influenced..... but don't underestimate them!    All brides-to-be have definite plans for their "big day" and attend  bridal shows specifically to meet bridal experts that can make their dreams come true. 

Bring, tape, scissors, trash bag(s), paper and pens.  Bring a camera and take photos of your area. 

Most exhibitors "dress-up" on show day.   No jeans please.   Many exhibitors wear jeans to set up and then change in to more appropriate dress after booth is set up.    Wear or bring comfortable shoes.    Many exhibitors bring extra help to set up and break down.

Tables and Skirting:  Many trade shows offer tables/skirting and chair.   Because of increases in cost,  many trade shows now ask exhibitors to bring their own tables/skirting and chair.    Exhibitor areas look best if table coverings hang to the floor.   Exhibitors can be very creative in the use of table coverings.  Two extra large - store bought - table cloths usually suffice to cover a 6' - 8 ' show table.    Pre-made skirting is great but exhibitors can also use decorative flat sheets in place of table skirting.   

It's simple to gather a handful of cloth (on the inside part) and wind a rubber band around and around.   Result is a draped effect wherever you gather the cloth.   Nice effect when gathering is done on front corners of table and also in the middle of table.

Top Sheets in stead of table cloths - ideas for table covering to the floor.

Use table cloths or pastel top bed sheets and place over dining room table to see how many are needed to drape covering to floor.    Easy and fast method of creating a draped tablecloth appearance is to fold over about a foot of material of a single flat white or  pastel color top sheet    - which creates a short flap.   Place pins under the 12” flap you created – to attach sheet to edge of short top tablecloth.    Bunch cloth/sheet every so often and effect is great! Twenty-two feet  distance around 8’ table - so 3 top sheets sufficient.  (2 sheets just makes it around a 6' table.)   If using a double bed top sheet – may need to fold almost in half to create the effect of skirting all around the table.  Large safety pins worked easiest.

Expo/Show Prizes:   All bridal shows advertise that every exhibitor offers a prize - so be ready on show day with your prize.   Exhibitors usually need to bring with them a drawing bowl/box and a sign stating what you are offering as a prize.   When the show is at a large facility, ask show promoter if there's enough room so that you can bring an extra table so that you can have your drawing box on the smaller table.    For Bridal Shows, it's a good idea to have  preprinted entry forms next to your drawing box.

Prize Drawing Form:   (You may cut & paste to copy my form)

     1.  Date of Wedding          ___/___/20___    Fri ___ Sat___Sun___   Ceremony Time  _____am/pm

     2.  Name______________________________________________________
     3.  Street Address _______________________________________________

     4.  City ______________________ State___________ ZIP _______________
     5.  Phone   (_____)   _____-_______
     6.  Email  __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

    7.  If you are not the bride - what relationship are you to the bride ?
    8.   Do you belong to a civic,  religious, educational or business group?                            ___ yes ___No
              May I call you to obtain # of contact person in that organization?                              ___ yes ___No
              I would like to call them to arrange for a fun/informative, short activity after one of your monthly
              meetings.  Of course, I'll bring something to add to your "after meeting refreshments table"!

Targeting Groups:   If you are a business that asks show attendees to host parties for the bride, then it's even more important that you  include the above statement on your drawing slips.   If you arrange an invite to one meeting........you can work the entire membership......and you will make friends and extra sales for years in to the future!

All businesses can benefit from targeting groups.   Attendees work somewhere....or   belong to various organizations that you can target

Floor Plan: Whenever possible, show managers will fax copy of floor plan in advance of show date.  Most show managers also post copies of floor plans at all entrances in to the show so that you know where your exhibit area is located when you arrive on show day.   Show day can be hectic - so if you have questions for show manager during set up - please be patient.

Night Before Preparation:  Have all your display items ready from the night before.   Pack whatever you can in your vehicle in advance.    On show day, leave early enough - so that you  arrive at show location on time - so that you have adequate time to set up before show opens. 

Expo/Show Day Electrical:  Show Manager will let you know in advance whether or not there is a fee for electric.  Always bring along your own extension cords.   You may need h eavy tape  so that no one trips over your extension cords!

During Expos:  Exhibitors should stand up......usually in front of their table  pitching  their product/service,    Many bridal shows are on a Sunday and we all would rather be home on our couches.   Either you are self employed and paid for the Exhibitor fee yourself or your company paid the Exhibitor fee.  Either way we need to do our part to make the most of being at the show.   If you sit - that doesn't usually bring in sales!

Expo  Traffic:     Many Brides-to-be arrive at the beginning of a bridal expo.    All shows have busy and slow times.   When traffic is slow........send one of your reps to pitch to other exhibitors!  Expos experience good attendance on cold and/or rainy days.  Icy, freezing weather as well as a very warm sunny day can bring fewer attendees.   

Note: Exhibitors can effect attendance at bridal shows.

 We must be aware of the ever changing  reading and viewing habits of young people.    Young people  read the paper, watch TV  and listen to the radio less than half as much as their counterparts did 10 years ago.  

 To keep exhibitor rate low and to maximize  reaching all the brides……… all exhibitors should send show info to all their contacts.    Your "buddy" may have a neighbor who is planning a wedding… or one of your clients may have someone on staff that is planning a wedding.    As soon as you sign up for the show – 1.)  Start including a note at the bottom of every email stating "I'm Exhibiting at  (name of location) on (date) and times..  and add...."if you know anyone who is planning a wedding.....remind them to attend the Bridal Expo and to visit me at my booth."  2.)  SEND MESSAGE  to everyone on your contact list asking them “to spread the word” to invite brides-to-be to visit your booth at the show on “such and such date”.   3.) To your brides….INCLUDE a note ASKING THEM TO STOP BY YOUR BOOTH!   4.)  Include show information on your website!   5.)    On Saturday, one week before every expo – send a short Bridal Expo reminder message again      -   to all your contacts and to everyone on your bride list!      All show exhibitors working together help to bring in brides-to-be to the Expo.

We know that brides-to-be are in front of their computers for long periods of time.   It has become more and more important for exhibiting businesses to state on their websites that they will be at such and such bridal show on a certain date and invite their brides to join them at the show.     Every business has brides-to-be as clients/customers.  Invite them to the shows and your bride might buy from another exhibitor.   Another exhibitor may invite a bride that buys from you!

At Expos/shows, we always ask brides-to-be - "How did you hear about the expo?"   Over the past years, more and more brides tell us that they had an email invite from their DJ, photographer, florist, etc. inviting them to join them at the show.   As a show manager myself, I've received a great response from sending email invites out to my previous brides-to-be and other general contacts - asking everyone to "spread the word" that there is a Bridal Show on such and such date - at such and such location - and what time.

At a recent Bridal Expo/Show held at the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY  147 brides filled out part or all of my survey.     Thirty-three (33) brides that filled out the survey  - didn't answer the question on how they heard about the Pepsi Show.   We had 21 brides that attended as a result of my general - "spread the word e-mail invite" sent to previous brides and other contacts.   We had 47 brides that came as a result of our Bridal Show Invites.    The biggest surprise was that 37 brides stated they attended because they received - invites from exhibitors!  Every exhibitor at a show can gain extra business from just a few brides that attend!  So - please  send "spread the word email invites" to your brides and general contacts for every show.

Break Down Time:    Show managers give the OK to break down.  Good professional manners tell all exhibitors to wait until show manager gives the signal to break down and close up.    All exhibitors would like to get home a few minutes earlier - but - shows must stay open until close time stated.   Often,  just 15 minutes before a show is scheduled to end - a few  late arriving brides arrive and start to go around to the exhibitors.   One bride-to-be can mean lots of sales for exhibitors.  It causes such a disturbance when  exhibitors are breaking down their areas while brides are still in the show room     Please don't be rude to your fellow exhibitors.     Be a professional and abide by the rule at all shows.     It is crucial that all exhibitors wait to start break down until expo/show manager gives the signal.

________________ -

 Kristen Holland, a Spring 2007 Exhibitor, emailed me the following regarding waiting until the end of the show before starting to break down booth area:

“I'd  like to thank you for your advice in the e-mails you sent out.  I didn't hear you mention that we should break down and it was 3:20 pm with people breaking down tables. Then it appeared you came back over to have people hold up, and they didn't.   I remembered what you said in your e-mail about it being important to wait to break down and you often will book the last bride, so I waited and it appears that I will be booking the last bride who was there. 

 She came to our side first, before any tables had thought to break down and told us that she wanted to do a quick run through and come back.  At first I thought she was blowing our table off and she wasn't interested in what we had to offer.  She came back to our side at the end, and told me  she would like to book with us.  She was so grateful that I took the time to talk to her and it showed her that if I wasn't in a rush to get out of the show, I would not try to rush off the day of the wedding.  It surprised me that she was grateful that I talked to her toward the end of the show, because the show wasn't even technically over until 3:30pm. 

 I am sure the other booths around me would have had the opportunity to have another client, but when she came back to our table half of the tables were completely down with no reps and the other half looked very unapproachable because they were so focused on packing up.  She looked very uncomfortable like she was a bother by being at the show.  I really want to thank you again for your advice, Maria, because it helped me book a bride.”
____________ -


Follow-up lists:   With a few weeks after the bridal show..........most promoters send a list of attendees to the show.  Call and/or send an email to those on your list offering them help for their wedding day.

Get ready to make sales at the next Bridal Show.   Remember....one sale can mean 25 leads!   You can do it!   Have  fun and Good Luck!


III.  Expo Follow up Suggestions for Exhibitors - Maria Lanides

Everyone looks at a postcard and flips it over to see who sent it.  When you send an envelope….only the addressee sees the contents.  I suggest a post card be sent to all brides offering your services so that everyone in the family views your card.

On the address side…….below your address……you might show 5-6 balloons and inside each state the different types of occasions or services you offer. 

One photographer just listed 2 lines on front – over on left: weddings, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, retirements & anniversaries.  He now does the Retirement Dinner every year for the bride’s Mom’s school.   He got the business when he sent a post card to a bride-to-be.  The “Mom” saw that the photographer also offered his services for Retirement Dinners – and called him.  No, he didn’t get the wedding day because they had already paid a hefty deposit to another photographer)…….but he did get the bridal shower…..and later on the “baby shower” business and for many years – many Retirement Dinners which are always held during the weekday.

 A videographer included “School Memories thru – 6th grade” on her bridal postcard and has been doing a video yearbook for a private school for many, many years – just because someone else in the family picked up the card and looked at it!

Print 2 types of postcards.   One card for those brides that attended and one card for brides that didn’t attend.

Example:   Thanks for attending the recent bridal expo.   We will be calling to talk with you on how we can best serve you for your wedding, bridal shower and/or rehearsal dinner.     In the meantime, if you have any questions…….either go to our website (insert your website name) and enter in your questions or give me a call Mon – Friday 4pm – 8pm at 438-0000 and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.   If “the machine answers” Kindly leave your number and the best time for me to return your call.

Example:   Sorry you were unable to attend the recent bridal expo/show.  I’ll be calling to talk with you about how you can earn FREE items just by hosting an easy 1-1/2  hour party.   We supply the invites and all you do is stamp and address them.   From start to finish -we do everything else!  Etc. etc .

If you think you can make 8 follow up calls per day……then start by sending out 8 cards on a Wednesday, 8 on Thursday, 8 on Friday,  8 on Monday, 8 on Tuesday, etc.   If you start sending cards on Wednesday…. the following Monday is a good day to start making your follow up calls.   (I make up a script and do my calls in the morning when I know the bride-to-be  is usually at work.  I find that works best for me.   However  - it is best to always have another script ready in case she answers!)   You might find better results if you call after 7pm.   Whichever you decide….just do it on a daily basis 4-5 times a week!

You might also want to start a “Wishing Well” at your business and ask neighboring businesses for extra prizes to offer in your  “Wishing Well” and let brides know that when they come to your store/office……they can reach in for a prize.

Invite the Brides to a  specific “Bride & Groom to–be Night” at your place of business.   Designate a time – 5:30 – 7pm.  “Meet & Greet 5:30-6:15pm – with mini sandwiches, mini pizza – pretzels and punch.   Offer a Private viewing of your newest items.    Send out your postcards………….Give choice of 2 dates…… Offer an informative “mini” 10-minute seminar in relation to your business at 6:15pm followed by questions.    Everyone who attends gets a chance to reach in for a prize in your Wishing Well.   Prizes can be envelopes containing coupons off your items/services  with 5% off – 10%  off and a few coupons at 25% off  or 50% off certain items etc. etc.

Create a  " Engaged Couples Night".....possibly a “Cabin Fever Night for Engaged Couples” at hotels.    Make it a Sunday night, Tuesday…or a Thursday – whenever it is slow.  After dinner - arrange some entertainment that ends early - offer  fun  with some games  & prizes.

Keep the night just a few hours.....or Offer rooms at a special rate…….  With a 6am breakfast in Bed special  so that you can get to work on time!   Set the rate low enough …….so that couples think it’s worth it to attend!  
  “Cabin Fever Night coupons" can be sent to other lead lists as well.  


IV.   Fashion Shows - Sample Choreography

To those groups that could use an easy set up for modeling at shows and other locations - here's my choreography that I've used over and over again.   The steps are real easy to master and can be used with a crowd of models or used with just 4, 5 or 6 models.    The effect you have, once all models have left the area in front of your main area is  Brides - Brides - Brides
To start   Model 1 positions herself in front of Bridal Booth for a few moments.    Model 1 then moves alone up to center point opposite of Bridal Booth.      At the same time  Model 2 gets in to position in front of Bridal Booth.
Model 1 - after modeling and doing her thing to show off the gown at center point opposite Bridal booth,  now moves to start her walk to a position half way back on  right side.     At the same time -   .....Model 2 leaves her position in front of Bridal Booth and goes to a point half way up from Bridal Booth on left..........  across from Model 1.  
Both models stay there -very still - heads up - facing away from each other for 1-1/2 to  2 minutes.   Very dramatic effect.   Gives attendees a chance to notice something is going on!    
When Model 1 and 2 start to make their moves....Model 3 also moves  in to position in front of Bridal Booth.   At this  point, Model 1 stays at the right side mid point while Model 2 moves to the end point opposite Bridal Booth......and Model 3 moves away from in front of Bridal Booth to position across from Model 1 half way up on left side and faces away from Model 1 -  who is still on right side half way up..   A few seconds after Model 3 leaves position in front of Bridal Booth - Model 4 moves in to position in front of Bridal Booth.   
Now you have Model 1 on the Right Side,  Model 2 in middle end opposite Bridal Booth, Model 3 on Left Side half way up from Bridal Booth, Model 4 is in position in front of Bridal Booth. 

When they all move again at the same time.......Model 1 moves to area in front of Bridal Booth,  Model 2 moves to Right Side area half way between Bridal Booth and opposite end.   Model 3 moves to mid point  opposite of  Bridal Booth.    Model 4  leaves position in front of Bridal booth and goes to the left side mid point between Bridal Booth and opposite end.
After approximately 30 seconds..........Model 1 leaves to go in back to change gowns and Model 5 now positions herself  in front of the Bridal Booth.    Next time they all move around..........Model 2 will stay in position in front of Bridal Booth just 30 seconds and then go in back to change gowns.   .   All models now stay in position  until Model 1  appears in position in front of Bridal Booth etc. etc..

Above presentation is easy to prepare for and looks great with 2 long, red carpet runners placed about 3 feet apart from each other.  Add another red carpet runner in front of Bridal Booth and one opposite Bridal Booth.    Absolutely great effect when you have double wide runners.
The Center Point opposite Bridal Booth is where models can be creative turning one way and then the other.   Standing with one hand on hip.......looking one way.......then move one hand off hip and put the other hand on hip and look the other way.  Step forward......and look down....... Models should stay at Center Point at 2-1/2 to  3 minutes and not  rush their  movements so that gowns get visibility due them and also to allow enough time for models to change gowns.  Keep eye on position in front of Bridal Booth.......when new model appears in position - it's time to switch positions.  
To make this presentation a success..... most important to keep eyes on model in front of Bridal Booth.
This presentation can be used to show a few gowns or many gowns.    If you only have 4  models.....you can have every other  model -  just change veils before they go back out again.  This way everything keeps moving and  you don't need as much time to change gowns. 
Showmanship and fun:  Models should make every effort to turn - at the same time  - to get ready -  to move to next position at the same time ....and also reach down and fan/flair out their gown skirts at the same time.    These dramatic movements by all models - at the same time - also gives a great presentation of Brides  Brides  Brides  and allows time for attendees to view the dresses.  
When the models move from one point to the other.......they should be smiling and  happy..........but while standing at any of the 4 points........their expressions should have a dramatic appearance.  
When models are across from each other at the half way points........they should look away from each other.   Great effect if they change position once and one model looks towards Bridal Booth and one model looks the other way!

When models can freeze their movements......the effect is great.   Think in terms of just a little longer before I can move.   Think in advance where to place hands next and what other position you can take.  This type of modeling  is also fun to watch by attendees.

Fun effect with bubbles:    Arrange for  4-6 little boys/girls approach each model with a small open bottle of bubbles on a tray.  At the same time all models lean over pick up the bottles.......look back and forth .......and while still bent over a little......then blow bubbles away from their gowns.......then they put the bottles back on the little tray and the boys and girls move away.   This is a real fun movement.

Models should select gowns that don't drag on floors.  
All groups are welcome to use any or all of the above choreography - as long as they acknowledge where they obtained the information.